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DSK by Terence Bernardo

Montreal Biosphere Space Cadet Pics

Thank you to all of you who came out to the Biosphere shows in Montreal.  That Kid Koala sure knows how to throw a party!  The response to the new music was fantastic and we can’t wait to share the record with you.  Click here to see some pictures from the shows.


EP now available on itunes & updated player

Hi friends. The new EP is now available on most other online stores including itunes. You can listen and share all the music using this online player. Thanks for listening!

Modern Life EP

Sorry for the radio silence folks.  I’ve been keeping busy on a bunch of different projects.  I scored a few things for an A&E TV campaign, began work on a short film project and I am about to resume work on my collaboration with Kid Koala.  (Word has it we’ll be playing some dates in the summer.)

Just so you don’t think I’ve been sitting on my hands, I’m excited to share with you a new EP.  I decided to call it ‘Modern Life’.  Hope you enjoy it!


Space Cadet Week at Mass MoCA

Hi folks.  This week I’ve been at Mass MoCA rehearsing for a performance of Kid Koala’s Space Cadet premiere.  So far, I’ve had a great time.  Everybody at the museum have all been so amazing and helpful.  I’ll have an opening set with Koala where we’ll debut songs from our record together.  Following that will be a headphone performance by him accompanied by an awesome live light painting by artist Travis Flint.  (It will all make sense once you see the show.)  Cori and Luisa have magically transformed the theater into a dreamy space environment.  And of course, our good buddy and frequent collaborator P-Love will be on hand to join in the festivities!

Me and Vid and some of the Spaceship components


Rehearsing with Melissa

Pete’s Candy Store: December 2

Leading up to Mass MoCA, I will be performing at Pete’s Candy Store on Thursday December 2. Joining me for the new set is my buddy and frequent Kid Koala collaborator Paolo “P-Love” Kapunan.  Expect tiny electronics, finger snaps and other goodies.  See you there!


Sneak Preview

Kid Koala and I are really excited to give you a little taste of our upcoming live show. Things are really starting to come together. :) Hope you enjoy it!


Elliot Smith Cover


Lou Reed Is The Man

Just cus…

Recording with Kid Koala

Super-kind words from Kid Koala. (Asian Portishead?!):

I’m really excited to be working with him.

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