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Music for Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I’m a big fan of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and was more than happy to provide my song “The Well” for a great timelapse video of their Living Roof Installation.  Check it out!

The Well

Here’s a song I wrote a few years ago for my friend Ian Hutchison’s short film “Chocolate Pom Pom”.

The Well by Terence Bernardo


Here’s a preview of a track I wrote for an upcoming project…
EARTHBOUND by Terence Bernardo

Montreal Biosphere Space Cadet Pics

Thank you to all of you who came out to the Biosphere shows in Montreal.  That Kid Koala sure knows how to throw a party!  The response to the new music was fantastic and we can’t wait to share the record with you.  Click here to see some pictures from the shows.


Melancholy Mix

I thought I’d share a mix of some of the songs that we didn’t have a chance to play on last week’s episode of Beats In Space with myself and Kid Koala.  Again, a big thank you to Tim Sweeney for being such a righteous host.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the music!


Click here for the Melancholy Mix

Sneak Preview

Kid Koala and I are really excited to give you a little taste of our upcoming live show. Things are really starting to come together. :) Hope you enjoy it!


Self Portrait

Felt like making something quick.  What d’ya think?  (Special thanks to Ian Hutchinson for my exploding head!)

Finished recording upcoming collab with Kid Koala. Next: Mass MoCA opening for Space Cadet show in December

I’m back from 2 weeks of intense recording (and eating) in Montreal and I can safely say that Kid Koala and I managed to crank out the most depressing collection of songs I’ve ever written.  Which is to say we’re very excited to share the new music with you!  One of our friends dubbed it “Asian Portishead” (whatever that means) but we’ve been going with the working title “12 of the Most Depressing Songs Ever”.  You’ll get your first chance to hear it on December 11 at Mass MoCA when I open for Koala’s amazing new Space Cadet show.  Hope to see you there!

Final listen through 'Becky'

Word Blindness

Robert Krulwich of NPR and Radiolab fame asked if I could write some music for an animated piece on word blindness or, as it’s known medically, alexia. Being a big fan of his and Oliver Sacks, I was honored to take part in the project. The short animation is by the hilarious artist Lev Yilmaz. Full story.

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